Individual voice lessons focused on your voice and objectives.

We want you to benefit as much as possible from the lesson, that is why we only teach individual singing lessons and offer live piano accompaniment for our students.

About Lessons

Vocal Warmup

Vocal Technique and Exercises

Students begin each lesson with a series of vocal exercises specifically designed for the student’s age, vocal maturity, ability level, and individual needs. If these are done conscientiously at daily practice, they will gradually build support muscles, develop the ability to make clean onset of the sound, help to blend and extend the vocal range, and produce focused, resonant tone.

Vocal Repertoire

Large Collection of Song Literature

The songs are initially chosen to be vehicles to teach breath flow, legato line, and energized diction. Gradually, more songs are added to the student’s repertoire, suitable to the student’s age, vocal maturity and area of interest. Students are encouraged to learn a wide range of vocal literature for a broader learning experience, as each style and period offers different vocal challenges.

Choral Participation

Choral Singing Training and Skills

Our students are encouraged to learn a few choral selections during the term, as it provides excellent training in listening skills, tuning, and blending with other voices. When tuning is secure, singing in small ensembles or choral numbers is a great way for students to have their first safe, supported performance experience at Academy’s concerts.

Vocal Objectives

Preparation for RCM Exams and Competitions

As well as singing in the Academy performances, students interested in achieving an officially recognized graded standing, can prepare for Royal Conservatory of Music Examinations. Students interested in outside adjudication, can participate in local vocal competitions. Lessons will include all necessary requirements set by these organizations.

For detailed information about our singing lessons please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Please visit the Frequently Asked Questions section.