“Pre-festival Musical Soirée” Photos

Thank you to all students for preparing and performing in the Pre-Festival Musical Soiree. Many thanks to the audience for supporting our students and performances. Photo Gallery Pre-festival Musical Soiree Pre-festival Musical Soiree Pre-festival Musical Soiree... read more

Christmas Concert 2015 Photos

Our Christmas Celebration began with a new musical, “Toys ! The Night They Came Alive” – by John Jacobson & John Higgins. he musical was fun for the participating students, and for our record size, enthusiastic audience ! Congratulations to the... read more

Summer Show 2015 Photos

Once again, thank you to all of the Summer students for the hard work they put into this show of solo, duet, & chorus selections/scenes from film, musical theatre, and opera. It is a fun show to do, but a demanding one, with only six weeks of singing lessons for... read more

Variety Show 2015 Photos

Our April 11th Spring Variety Show 2015, set the tone for what has been a year full of musical, and artistic growth for our students, through their singing lessons and performances. Congratulations to all the participants on their entertaining solo and choral... read more

Registration for Singing Lessons

Registration for Full Term Session open annually in July/August.

Duration: 35 lessons
Dates: Sep '18 - Jun '19
Contact: (403)-244-8301

Registration for Summer Session open annually in May.

Duration: 6 weeks
Mid-June – end of July.
Contact (403) 244-8301