Over Forty Years of Teaching and Performance Experience

Owner, teacher, adjudicator, soprano soloist, Margaret George-Hahle, BFA, has a lifetime of performance and teaching experience to draw on, to give you total vocal performance training.

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Margaret George-Hahle

Owner and Teacher

Margaret enjoys working with students of all ages and levels. She believes that singing enriches one’s life and brings true joy to both the performer and the audience. Her professional focus is to teach students good vocal technique and expand their musical horizons towards a lifelong, fulfilling musical journey.

Singing Teacher

During her long teaching career, Margaret has taught many students who have gone on to their own careers in performance and teaching. She has also taught recreational students from all walks of life who wanted to improve their vocal skills to enhance their participation in choruses large and small, from church to opera, and enjoy all the benefits of vocal study.

Margaret George-Hahle and the Academy adult chorus at the Christmas Concert 2015.

“A German Requiem”, Brahms. Winnipeg Symphony. Soprano: Margaret George, Conductor: George Cleve (R), Baritone: Leonard Mayoh (L).

Soprano Soloist

Because of Margaret’s long and varied performance experience in competition, concert, solo recital, with orchestra, and on TV & Radio, she knows how important teaching performance skills, and providing performance opportunity, is to students’ development and enjoyment.

Singing Adjudicator

Not only has Margaret many years of participating in, and receiving awards from, singing competitions, but also sat on the other side of the table adjudicating everything from opera to musical theatre. This knowledge of what adjudicators look for, is a benefit that has helped the Academy’s students achieve numerous awards at singing festivals and competitions, and admission to prestigious schools and universities.

Margaret George-Hahle at the Academy studio, in Calgary, Alberta, 2016.

Dress rehearsal with the adult choir for the Christmas Concert 2015.

Choir Conductor

Margaret has extensive experience as a conductor of vocal ensemble, to large choirs – church and secular, as well as opera and musical theatre workshop productions. Knowing all the benefits of choral participation, Margaret includes ensemble and choral selections in all of the Academy student concerts.

Theatre Director

All of the musical theatre and operatic scenes which are included in the student shows at the Academy benefit from the extensive knowledge in theatre directing Margaret has acquired during her BFA in Drama. Students receive all the necessary related training in acting, stage presence, blocking and/or choreography. Furthermore, Margaret can help students prepare monologues for theatre or musical theatre auditions, and assist with preparation for a role if cast.

Brock Reid, former student of the Academy performing at the Kiwanis Provincial Festival 2008, in the “Musical Theatre 12 yrs. & under” category.

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